The $739 billion Halal industry can benefit Africa


Dr. Awis Sazili, Deputy Director of the Universiti Putra Malaysia’s Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Food Security, has predicted that the global halal food market will reach $739.59 billion by 2025.

Africa, he claimed, could benefit from the galal industry in terms of economic development.

Sazili spoke at the Halal Compliance and Food Safety (HaCFoS) virtual symposium for the Nigerian halal industry, which was attended by people from Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and New Zealand.

Professor Luqman Zakariyah, Chairman of HaCFoS, stated that the industry’s goal is to ensure that Nigerians live a healthy lifestyle and to educate them about the benefits of investing in the industry.

Farouk Salim, Director-General of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), praised the organizers and stated that SON was ready to engage a wide range of stakeholders and develop a halal product standard to begin regulatory impact assessment.

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Salim, who was represented by Rilwan Fashina, the Public Relations Officer, stated that SON would develop the halal sector and increase value-added activity in the industry.

Dr Abdullahi Shuaib, Director of Jaiz International Halal Certification, bemoaned Nigerian Muslims’ inability to benefit from the industry in comparison to Muslim-majority countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

Dr. Shuaib urged Islamic organizations to educate their members about the benefits of halal foods.

Dr. Monsur Salisu, HaCFoS’s Chief Executive Officer, promised that the company would continue to raise awareness and strengthen its operations in order to ensure that the country’s halal industry receives adequate attention and follows best practices.

He claimed that as a result, the country would reap the benefits of the global halal industry.


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