BREAKING:  Private University has been attacked and Students Kidnapped In Kaduna, Gunmen

Five soldiers shot dead at Imo state

The academic establishment, Green Field University, is situated across the Kaduna–Abuka Highway at Chikun Local Government Area, as well as the first private college in the nation, established three decades back.

The most recent episode is the first big assault that bandits will start on communities across the Kaduna-Abuja Highway because 300 female soldiers have been set into the overall place in January this year.

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But, eyewitnesses, said the gunmen stormed the college last night and began shooting sporadically, prior to shooting a few of the students off.

The natives said that the college with approximately forty students population doesn’t have sufficient security on the floor, despite being found in one of the epicentres of kidnapping, a scenario that they think made it a lot easier for its bandits to obtain easy entry to the establishment.

Recently, Kaduna was confronting series of attacks by bandits such as assaults on colleges.

On March 11th, they assaulted the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization Afaka at the Igabi Local Government Area of the country and kidnapped 39 pupils.

While ten from this amount have been published, the destiny of the rest of the ones still hangs in the balance.


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