Ghana win WAFU B U-20 Championship

Ghana win WAFU B U-20 Championship

Ghana win WAFU B U-20 Championship
Ghana came from behind to beat Burkina Faso 2-1 and win against the WAFU B U-20 Championship trophy at the Stade Charles De Gaulles at Porto Novo on Sunday.

Set-piece specialist Precious Boah was the Dark Satellites hero, as he put a goal before shooting the winner from a freekick to hand his nation the title in the Benin capital.

It was his next freekick goal of the championship which also serves as the Total U-20 Africa Cup of Nations, Mauritania 2021 qualifiers.

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Regardless of the victory of the Ghanaians, Burkina Faso midfielder Botue swept all of the individual awards as he was called the finest Player of the Tournament and also added the Top Scorer Award for scoring three goals in the championship.

Both teams will represent WAFU B at the Total U-10 AFCON at Mauritania next February and aspire to excel at the tournament which will witness some of the very best U20 sides on the continent.

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