Titi Jeje’s film academy is set to change the narrative of Nollywood


According to the actor, writer, and filmmaker, Nollywood is facing a slew of issues, including a lack of professionalism, poor storylines, subpar production, distribution, and a poor projection of the Nigerian image, necessitating the establishment of a quality film academy.

Titi stated that the academy, whose goal is to develop outstanding film professionals, arose from his desire to educate film enthusiasts who would stand tall in the industry.

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In terms of Hills Media Film Academy’s affordability, Titi stated that, unlike others, it would be quite affordable. “At our academy, you get more bang for your buck.” Our commitment is to make a difference in people’s lives. One of the characteristics that distinguishes our graduates and trainees is that they will be trained by industry A-listers, ensuring that the knowledge they receive comes directly from the source. They will also become team members rather than just graduates.”


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