Nigeria’s problem remains With over 15 million out of school children- Obasanjo


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has stated that the country’s issues will persist unless individuals in positions of leadership do something to solve the situation of the country’s nearly 15 million out-of-school children.

Regardless of the leaves of leadership training offered by leadership development centres, he added, this category of people must be taken into account since ignoring them would always create a drag on society.

The former President, who spoke at the GOTNI Leadership Centre in Abuja on Thursday, also stated that the country’s leadership crisis may be resolved if all necessary steps are taken.

The former President recognised that the African continent’s development has been hampered by the issue of leadership.
While addressing the subject of leadership training and development, he stated that parallel efforts must be taken to ensure that those who are supposed to be in school are in school.

“You see, anything someone says about Africa, we embrace it,” he continued, “especially if they are sincerely concerned about what we need to do or what we are doing wrong.” When people tell me I’m doing well, I tell them that’s not what I want since I’m in a position to succeed.

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“Don’t come to tell me I’m doing great. I’d like you to tell me what I need to do and how I can improve. That is what I want to hear, not for you to come over and tell me how good I am doing.

“The truth is that no one is born without some level of intrinsic leadership ability; what is required is development.” Some of it is late by the time we arrive at the GOTNI leadership centre.

“We must remember that a lot begins at home, in the classroom, in the Church and Mosque, and within the community itself. You won’t be able to get them to come here if we fail in all of those areas.

“This is just one facet of our lives.” What we do is the other aspect. I’m concerned because no matter what we do here, we’ll never be able to solve the problem of 15 million children who should be in school but aren’t.

“Even if all of us in school are GOTNI Leadership Center grads, there will still be a difference between those who should be in school and those who are not.” We have no control over whether or not a drag ad appears. That is something we must consider.

“When you talk about the difficulty of an African country, especially Nigeria, they will mention leadership,” I added. Leadership deficits and deficiencies exist. Both of these issues can be addressed in this GOTNI Leadership Centre.

“You can learn to lead. Leadership skills can be learned. It is possible to learn anything that can be taught. Leadership may thus be learned if it can be taught. As a result, individuals must be prepared to teach and learn leadership.”

“For the great work that he has been quietly doing without screaming and shouting about it,” he praised Linus Okorie, the founder of the GOTNI Leadership Institute. And he’s filling a significant gap in leadership development in this country.”

Linus Okorie, the centre’s proprietor, stated that the center’s mission was to develop a crop of professional leaders for the country in all aspects of life by ensuring that they understood leadership competencies.

“The investment that we are making today, some of it might not speak right now in the political realm, but we are already seeing stories of transformation and change going on in the organisations,” he said.

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“All I want is a critical mass of people to invest in this trip so that we can develop leadership from high school through political office.” In fact, now that we are in a political moment, it is critical for everyone interested in running for political office at any level to come in and sit down and learn about leadership so that when they are in a leadership position, they will do well because they have been groomed.

“They are aware of leadership abilities. They are visionaries, honourable men and women who can make things happen. Transferring leaders and building values are on my agenda, and we must invest in them.”

Chief Sam Ohuabuwa, Chairman of the Board of the Centre, expressed his delight that the center’s aim was being realised, saying, “We are not just teaching, but we are modelling leadership.”

“President Obasanjo represents one of the best leaders we have today,” he stated. Of course, we can still improve on that level, which is why some of us are working on it to advance our leadership skills.

“What he’s done today proves that this centre has been validated as a highly capable and versatile leadership centre that can compete with the best in the world.” As some have stated, we have brought what they would look for in Dubai, United States.

“As a country, we have agreed that we have not done well in leadership.” Our leadership pool is really limited. We have lacked consistent, intelligent, imaginative, competent, and fearless leadership integrity that could transform our country from a third-world, poverty-stricken nation to a globally competitive nation like Singapore, South Korea, Japan, or Germany.

“How come we can’t be like them?” So, in the new dispensation, we aspire to ensure that we emerge at that global level because nothing is better for Nigeria than to be at the top.”

Africa, according to UNIDO Regional Director Jean Bakole, needs to develop leadership.

“Leadership” he defined as “how individuals may be properly engaged and a country managed in a very effective manner.”

“We will not be able to achieve this unless we engage our young people and assist them in developing managerial skills as well as the best vision and strategy that we can put in place economically, politically, and socially to go forward with development.” We need African solutions to African challenges.”

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“That isn’t to say we can’t compare ourselves to other countries; we need to deliver the finest experience to our own.” But this won’t be achievable unless we’re all working together to increase our skills and stay in the system that’s constantly improving our abilities.”


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