Pay N100 for gallon before I can sell fuel to you: fuel station attendant


By Udume Chibueze
The rate of fuel scarcity in some parts of the country is alarming. Most filling station predict of fuel scarcity and as such refused to sell fuel. They bloodily fail to sell in other to make double profit.

On Friday, Some filling station like Silveray Resources LTD located at old Karu road, Abacha road, Mararabar that decided to sell has taken the advantage to be collecting #100 from the individual that is buying fuel with gallons as an extra charge for gallons.

The customers are angry for paying #100 before they can buy fuel.

The customers have blamed the act on the power and electricity supplier who has refused to supply electricity at when due.
70% of the population blamed Buhari as the origin of the problem in the country.

What can Nigerian citizens do? They have to subject themselves to wait patiently and pay the #100 to buy the fuel. Going to buy fuel in the filling station these few days is like going to work in the morning and come back home in the evening.

There is a heavy queue and most people have been beside the filling station for more than four to five hours waiting for their turn.
Most people waited for about 3hours and could not wait longer as such go home without the fuel ” what a waste of time – time is money” economy of the country is dwindling because the Nigerian federal government has made the citizens live in a bandage on their father’s land.

Apart from the killing by bandits, hunger is killing more people in Nigeria. The citizens are dying. There is excess hunger in the country.

The citizens are calling out the federal government for help.
The lowest money in the county is N5 but could not buy anything in the market, even the smallest children sweet.

The Nigerian currency has been devalued and things in the market are extremely high. Most companies that can provide a job for the citizens have been folder and the standing companies find it difficult to pay their staff.
What a bad Government?.

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