JUSUN Strike: FG Asks Striking Employees To Resume


This, they say, has meant that the industrial activity hasn’t seriously affected their capacity to deliver the conclusion.

But cases are piling up in the national and state high courts since they’re not holding some sessions as a result of judiciary employees’ strike.

However, the Supreme Court says it doesn’t have any backlog of undelivered judgements.

Additionally, a senior court biography at the Court of Appeal advised LEADERSHIP that decision due to be sent to the appellate court were delivered through the exact same social networking platform.

“Parties appear before the justices through Zoom to receive their decisions, therefore we actually don’t have many impending judgements”, ” he stated, including that judgements in just a few instances are earmarked for the month of June and July.

“CJN insists that judgements because of delivery throughout the attack period are all delivered. There are a couple of ones that are booked till June and July and they aren’t yet due. These are those pending. The constitution insists that judgements have to be sent after 90 days once the court cases have been closed and heard.

“Thus, no appeal was left hanging delivered following 90 days due to the attack from the Supreme Court and in the lower courts, also.”

Eugene Onyekwere, a principal officer in the Federal High Court, Abuja said it’s after the attack is called off that impending judgements could be sent.

According to him, no estimate is going to probably be punished for not providing judgements over the stipulated period.

LEADERSHIP reports it is anticipated that judgements are sent three weeks following cases are claimed, but by means of the industrial actions has scuttled this clinic in the lower courts.

Onyekwere stated,”Everybody understands the situation of matters from the courtroom today. Nobody is going to be penalised for not providing judgements within the specified framework.

“When the court resumes, we’ll issue notices to parties to come to their own conclusions.”

Describing the situation as quite unlucky, Professor Ernest Maduabuchi Ojukwu (SAN) stated the attack should have been averted if governors from the nation truly represent excellent governance.

He explained, “The governors are taking out like they have us and possess the judiciary.

“I call upon President Buhari to execute his executive order on judiciary and legislature liberty and prevent our governors from continued to hold the country to ransom,” he said.

On his part, the writer of the Supreme Court Law Report, Layi Babatunde (SAN) stated as attractive as the reason for judicial employees is also, for litigants and counsel, finishing the courts in the time is a dual tragedy that should not be permitted to persist.

Babatunde stated, “Each litigant or accused individual deserves their day in court. To make things worse, judges cannot get their chambers to execute some other judicial responsibilities, aside from sitting in court.

“Government must do everything that Is Essential to make this impasse into a very long and happy ending,” he said

While responding to the protracted attack recently in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State funding, Chief Afe Babalola (SAN) accused the legislative and executive arms of government of helping the collapse of the nation by not solving the dilemma of freedom of the judiciary to permit Catholics to reopen.

Chief Babalola stated, “As I began to practice from the early 1960s, I have never seen the closing of all of the courts, even for a single day.

“As a consequence of the closed, the authorities are paralysed since they have yet to be able to bill any suspected criminal. People who have cases in courts or people who wish to document new instances are also influenced.

“Obviously, it is possible to imagine the consequences on the revenue of attorneys,” he explained.

The senior attorney said the three arms of government in the nation were similar to a human being whose ability to operate is based upon the arm, eyes and legs.

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“If for any reason any one of those 3 important areas of the body is incapacitated, then the entire body is in trouble. With this situation, Nigeria is in crisis.

“The executive and the legislature should immediately be sure that the situation in the judiciary is instantly solved, or they are, by their own actions, helping the collapse of the nation,” Babalola insisted.

Akinlade stated,”Duty Solicitors should utilize this chance to visit the police stations to perform their duty by ensuring that no individual has been arrested and detained unlawfully, to make certain the rights of suspects aren’t broken and to ease the bond of suspects being arrested.

“Nigeria is at a scenario where there are no courts to visit after the authorities ramifications an arrest of a defendant. Law enforcement can’t also detain the defendant for over 24 hours, thus we finally have a Covid-19 scenario here that prevailed throughout the lockdown at 2020. Without a court to visit, our police detention centres are overcrowded, which in itself strains more Covid-19 instances.

“That is a sacred responsibility for all of us lawyers. We might not enjoy the continuing strike by JUSUN however we could make it count for something if we utilize our time, treasure and talent to assist individuals in need. Proceed to the police stations now for a liability attorney, help the authorities, mediate conflicts and protect our constitution.

“it is a probono assistance, a worthy cause and also a celestial devotion to promoting justice that the principle of law”

On his part, Morrison Ibinabo Quakers (SAN) stated the JUSUN attack would have been left unnecessary and needless if the nation governors had given effect to this constitutional provision on fiscal independence for the judiciary.

“It is quite upsetting and disheartening an arm of government has been emasculated by a different arm of government in a constitutional democracy. The negative effects on the country as a consequence of the attack can be laid at the doorstep of their governors.

“I don’t feel that JUSUN ought to be vilified to the measure it took to maintain judicial independence. The security damage occasioned from the industrial action is anticipated, but to mitigate all stakeholders in the justice industry must make sacrifices once the attack is finally called off.

“The customary court holiday has to be suspended, more judicial officers should be appointed, alternative dispute resolution has to be deployed instantly, legal aid has to be awarded to indigent citizens.

FG Asks Striking Employees To Resume

The announcement quoted the ministry of Labour and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige, as decrying the scenario in which the courts and the State Houses of Assembly are still closed throughout the federation for no more cogent motives of non-adherence into the conditions of this May 20 Memorandum of Action that has 45 days’ implementation window.

The announcement mentioned that many governors are desirous the State Assemblies be opened so they can reevaluate the legislation intended to contribute to the liberty as enshrined in the MOA” however we’ve advised all state governors who’ve consulted together with their minds of judiciary and legislature to proceed and charge the accounts for judiciary and legislature before fine-tuning regulations.”

The announcement added that the Ministry won’t be pleased to be pushed to invoking segments of the Trade Disputes Acts effective at eroding all of the gains made up to now in the discussions as May 6, 2021.

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