Former President Goodluck Jonathan states the use of technology, high-quality government to fight corruption


Former President Goodluck Jonathan has stated that combating crime and corruption necessitates the use of technology as well as high-quality government programs.

Jonathan said it’s difficult to make a rule and expect it to solve problems, speaking at the 50th birthday celebration of former Minister of Aviation, Osita Chidoka.

On Saturday, Chidoka celebrated his 50th birthday with a national racing event, after which he chastised the National Assembly for refusing to accept electronic transmission of election results and advocated for more opportunities for young people in politics.

“The day you (Osita) were born was the day armed robbers were first shot in Nigeria, it speaks a lot,” the former president said at a reception for the former minister in Abuja. Quite unique. Fortunately, you are not an armed thief. However, the days of shooting armed robbers were over.

“Also, the crimes in society, such as armed robbery and other cases currently in the news, demonstrate that bullets alone are ineffective in stopping these and other criminal activities in humans.

“To stop armed robbery and all forms of crime, including the corruption that we discussed every day, it takes top-notch government programs, technology, and a lot of effort. Because it’s difficult to make a rule and believe it will solve all of the problems. In the same arena where you are killing armed robbers, others are robbing the pockets, and that is the kind of society we live in today.

“With the introduction of IT, which now rules the world, things are becoming more complicated.”

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He described Chidoka as a unique individual and a gift to the country and the state of Anambra.

He claimed he didn’t know Chidoka until he got into politics and moved to Abuja as vice president, taking over after his late boss, President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, died.

“Osita has now invited us to come and celebrate his 50 years on this planet,” he said. He’s gotten things done. He rose to become the FRSC’s corps marshal, bringing with him a great deal of innovation, technology, and ingenuity. He has the ability to turn things around.”

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