We Found Condoms and Sperm in My Daughter’s Private Parts, Raped Student’s Mother Speaks Out and Demands Justice


Vivian Akpagher has revealed for the first time about how condom and sperm discharge were found in her private area before her daughter, Keren-Hap­puch Akpagher, a 14-year-old Premiere Academy Student, died in Abuja.

The bereaved mother, who could not hold back her sorrow, revealed the news to press in Abuja on Wednesday.

She claimed she brought her kid to the hospital after picking her up from school because she was complaining of pains and weakness.

She further claimed that when trying to administer drips to her, the doctor opted to place a urinary catheter due to her frailty, but that following a medical test, she discovered sperm discharge and a condom left in her private area.

“All of this began on Friday, June 18, 2021, when my daughter sent a message and subsequently called to say that we should come and pick her up for medical attention since she had an eye infection,” the mother explained.

“I informed the school matron that I would come pick her up, and she warned me that if I did, she would be placed in isolation for seven days. She stated that I could pay and the school would transport her to the clinic for therapy and then return her to me. That was the first time I’d heard that, despite the fact that I’d been taking her out for medical checkups. I consented, and they delivered her to me at Nisa Premier Hospital, where she was treated.

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“She was brought in with a nurse and a teacher, and when it was time for her to return with them, she asked me, ‘Mummy, are you still leaving me with these people?’ I advised her not to be concerned and to go gather her belongings.

“When I got to school, my daughter called again on the school phone, requesting that I come pick her up, and I told her that I would, but the school would not allow me to step inside, so I became enraged.”

It was at this point that the mother dialed the principal’s number, but she did not answer, according to what was learned. It was also learned that the principal afterwards texted her, requesting that she be released.

She claimed that when she arrived to the school, security requested her to wait because he wanted to speak with the principal on the phone, which kept her at the gate for more than an hour. The principal, on the other hand, later came out with her daughter.

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