Abba Kyari replied to claims linking him to infamous fraudster Hushpuppi


DCP Abba Kyari, a top cop, has replied to claims linking him to infamous fraudster Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, also known as ‘Hushpuppi.’

According to US court filings, Abbas allegedly paid off Kyari to arrest a colleague with whom he had a feud. Kyari, on the other hand, has made a statement in response to the charges.

“Abbas, who we later came to know as Hushpuppi, called our office around two years ago and told us that someone in Nigeria had threatened to kill his family, and he sent us the individual’s phone number, pleading with us to intervene before the person attacked his family.”

“We located and apprehended the Suspect, and after further inquiry, we learned that there was no actual threat to anyone’s life, and that they are long-time friends who are having financial difficulties, therefore we released the Suspect on bail and he was not transferred to any jail.”

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“Abbas Hushpuppi was not asked for a kobo. Our main goal was to save people’s lives who were allegedly in danger.”

“Later, he spotted some of my Native Garments and Caps on my social media profile and said he liked them and that he knew the guy selling the clothes, so he gave roughly N300,000 directly to the person’s account. The Native Clothes and Caps (5 sets) were delivered to our office, and He dispatched someone to collect them.

Nobody asked Abbas Hushpuppi for money, and nobody took anything from him.”

“We responded to a distress call he made about a threat to his family and released the Suspect after determining that the Suspect posed no threat to his life.”

“This is the real deal. Vincent is still alive and may be reached.”

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“Those who are claiming that this is an accusation against us and citing some fictional Big Money will be disappointed once more, as our hands are clean and our record of service for the past two decades is accessible to all to see. They will continue to see us serving our fatherland, and we will continue to respond to ALL distress calls from ALL Nigerians, as long as the situation is life-threatening.”

“For good Nigerians who value our service, please don’t be concerned; our hands are clean, and they should not respond to those who are celebrating and fabricating numerous false narratives without evidence. We’re used to folks like these, as well as fake newsmakers and distributors.”

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