PDP, in Ebonyi State, had a sour Press Briefing headlined


The remains of the House of Saul, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Ebonyi State, had a sour Press Briefing headlined “Political intolerance, proliferation of guns, and overall insecurity in Ebonyi State: a stitch in time saves nine.”
In a childish vituperative tirade, a relic of the once-powerful party leveled false charges against the Governor and the government of Ebonyi State, alleging that they were preoccupied with security and other issues.

We would have preferred to ignore the deceptive falsehoods, but a clarification is now required to protect the wheat from the tares.

First, the writers of this heinous falsehood accused the Ebonyi State Government of fomenting communal strife in the state.

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Without joining issues, we wish to state categorically that the Ebonyi State Government or its Agencies have never sunk to such depths to enthrone internal crises in the state; rather, the Governor and government have been working around the clock to recover the state from the perpetual restiveness planted by members of the PDP, for which the Ebonyi State Government has duly notified the releasable Electoral Bodies

We want to make it clear that the Ebubeagu Security outfit is a legally backed security outfit that works with traditional security agencies to safeguard the lives and property of South East Zone aboriginals and settlers.

The security apparatus, notably in Ebonyi State, has been highly effective in achieving several significant ground-breaking victories in the fight against criminality in the state.

The laws creating the security outfits in several states of the South East Zone explicitly specify the recruiting procedure and manner of operation of the security outfits.

As a result, the writers’ claim that the Ebubeagu Security outfit’s activity is cloaked in secrecy is false, given that the outfit has been advertising for a Commander for weeks on radio, television, and social media.

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Another rumor from the depths is that the Ebonyi State government has built special detention camps in the state, where abducted political opponents are held and tortured in the guise of “interrogation,” according to those who give advice without information.

The Ebonyi State government is not in the business of kidnapping people and has never considered setting up detention camps for whatever reason.

We would like to remind Ebonyians that the attack on Amos Ogbonnaya referred to by the authors was carried out by the PDP for engaging in anti-party activities after he had been handsomely rewarded for following them to their political wilderness, but they have chosen to blame the State Government to divert attention.

Overall, the humiliating Press Briefing attempted to saturate the political arena with bogus news and divert attention away from the APC-led administration’s purposeful governance in the state.

As a result, we encourage Ebonyians and the general public to ignore the PDP’s lone voice, which is nothing more than the final kick of a dying horse.

Rest assured that the Ebonyi State Government is dedicated to the safety and security of all residents, including the state’s small opposition elements.

Nwaze, Francis
The Governor’s Special Assistant
(Publicity and Media)
2 August 2021

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