Soldier stabs a man for alleged disrespect, in Ibadan

In Ibadan, a soldier stabs a man for alleged disrespect.

A soldier is said to have stabbed Ali Abubakar, a tailor in the Sabo neighborhood of Ibadan, Oyo State.
According to Naija News, Abubakar was assaulted by a Nigerian Army officer, Audu Abubakar, who is stationed at the Letmauck Barracks, for allegedly insulting him.

Ali, recounting the event after being treated for the soldier’s injuries, claimed he had gone to see his buddy Saheed on Thursday but was confronted by his absence and had to wait for him at his shop.

He went on to say that Audu’s colleague was also waiting for the same individual who had been seen by him (Ali). Abubakar enquired about Saheed’s location when he arrived to Saheed’s shop, but Ali did not respond.

Ali told reporters that he didn’t respond to the military because he mistook him for a coworker who was also inside the business. However, Ali’s inability to respond enraged Audu, resulting in a fight between the two of them.

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“I went to meet my boyhood buddy at the business, but he went to the mosque to pray, so I waited for him,” Ali explained. In the store, I met a soldier, sat down, and began messing with my phone.

“A few minutes later, Audu approached Saheed and inquired about him; I mistook him for a coworker and didn’t respond; it was only when I heard him yelling, ‘Are you deaf?’ that I glanced up, and he slapped me and began assaulting me. When I informed him that if I was the one he was referring to as deaf, he should not speak to me in that manner, Audu and his companion began thrashing me.

“While they were beating me and ripping my clothes, I tried to flee and went to the palace to report the event to the local elders, who begged with me to let it go and change my clothes.

“I went back to get my phone from the guy I gave it to when the troops were assaulting me around an hour after the event. My buddy had already returned, and we were chatting when I saw Audu had taken a knife and wounded me in the left hand.

“I got away from there, but he pursued me down with the knife. I was transported to the hospital from whence I fled, and I’ve been there ever since. In the hospital, I was given two pints of blood. Three of my fingers are completely deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly de

Ali went on to say that the barracks’ commandant had sent officials to him in the hospital to find out what had transpired.

“Some representatives were sent to me in the hospital on Saturday, and I informed them what occurred, but I have not seen or heard from them since then,” he said. They stated that they were looking into it. I want justice since I respected the troops and didn’t touch them or let my people to touch them,” she said.

Lt Christopher Agu of the 2 Division’s Public Relations Department verified the event and stated the inquiry was underway.

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