Allow your husbands to suck your breasts, says the Chief Nurse to expectant mothers

husbands suck your breasts

A Chief Nursing Sister, Roseline Oladimeji, has advised pregnant women to let their husbands suck their breasts.

This, according to the expert, will help them prepare for breastfeeding after delivery.

Oladimeji spoke at a Festac Town, Lagos, event commemorating the 2021 World Breastfeeding Week, which was organized by Amuwo Odofin Maternal and Child Centre.

“Let your husband suck your breasts while you’re pregnant. It will help the nipples to be out and make it easier for your baby to latch on, in addition to bonding,” she said.

Her advice to women, according to NAN, is to rub vaseline on their nipples before going to bed. Oladimeji claims that this softens them.

According to the Chief Nurse, proper breast preparation during pregnancy prevents lactation problems after delivery.

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Colostrum, the first form of milk produced after birth, contains nutrients that help boost the baby’s immunity, she explained.

Some foods, herbs, and medications, according to Oladimeji, can harm babies through breast milk.

She warned that taking palmwine to help with lactation could cause alcohol to enter the baby’s system while breastfeeding.

Mothers should also ignore advice from people who aren’t medical professionals, according to the expert.

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