Buhari orders police to arrest Nigerian protesters in London; demonstrators refuse to back down and label Buhari a terrorist


Buhari orders police to arrest Nigerian protesters in London; demonstrators refuse to back down and label Buhari a terrorist.

President Muhammadu Buhari is said to have dispatched police officers to London in order to prevent Nigerian protesters from converging in front of the Nigeria House in Trafalgar Square.

Some peaceful protesters demanding Buhari’s return to Nigeria were challenged by British police on Thursday evening, according to a video obtained by SaharaReporters.

Buhari is receiving medical treatment in London.

The Nigerian President stayed behind after attending the Global Education Summit on Financing the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) 2021-2025 to see his doctors, despite resident doctors in his country going on strike.

The Nigerian protesters were seen speaking with the police officers, who appeared to persuade them to stop protesting there.

More police officers were also seen arriving in police vans, while a Nigerian woman could be heard screaming without fear, demanding that the President return to Nigeria and put an end to the killings in the West African country.

“The cameras are on,” a police officer was overheard saying. “Someone was sticking out last night, you just got lucky,” he said when asked if he enforces the law, adding, “I am without fear or favor.”

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“They are killing in our country, they are killing our people, Buhari is here with Boris Johnson, and I am surprised that the Prime Minister will condone such, condoning corruption and murder, it is terrible,” one of the female protesters said.

”They are murdering people in our country. Let him simply resign; enough with the killings in Nigeria; where is that done, and he has the audacity to come to this country for medical treatment. Our story is that he keeps stealing our money and murdering people. We will not back down because President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria is a terrorist; we are not breaking the law; it is our civic right, and we will exercise it.

”Buhari is a serial killer. Nigeria has no single healthcare system, Buhari has been in power for more than six years, he continues to borrow, the economy is deteriorating, and inflation is rising. Our naira is worthless. They kidnap children and murder innocent people.”

“There’s a criminal named Buhari here,” a male protester said, “and what we’d like to do is get him back to where he came from.”

“That’s a big gun,” he said when he saw an officer. He wasn’t on the door because I didn’t put him there. I’m surprised you’ve returned. Wow, more (police officers) are on their way! “This is a serious situation.”

“Day 8 of Buhari Watch, we are here in front of Nigerian House here in Central London, Trafalgar Square, where our president is still missing, yes the police have come and gone, they know we are not doing anything illegal, this is the right of citizens to protest, they were here to protect us,” a male protester said after the police left. Yes, the cops were there to keep us safe.

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“Buhari, your administration has been the worst in Nigerian history; that is the only award we can bestow on you, and your administration will not be allowed to get away with the crimes you have committed while in office. The innocent blood you spill on a daily basis will continue to scream for justice.

“You are a complete disgrace, Buhari. Leave now; no one wants you to stay; the people you surround yourself with are only interested in themselves; they will be judged; they will turn their backs on you; they will not honor a thief; no one is on your side; you are a kidnapper, a terrorist.

“If you are not hiding in London, where are you?” Buhari, you are a wicked President; resign now and release Sowore, who has been imprisoned for over two years. Nnamdi Kanu should be released. Now is the time to release Sunday Igboho! Now is the time to free all political prisoners! Now is the time to release all freedom fighters! Kidnappers, terrorists, and Boko Haram must all be pursued. Return to your starting point. Return to the Sambisa forest. Now is the time for revolution!”

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