Professionals and religious leaders are being urged to participate in politics by Makinde


On Sunday, Governor of Oyo State, ‘Seyi Makinde, urged professionals and religious leaders to get involved in politics in order to improve governance and promote sanity in the political system.

The governor made the charge while speaking at a thanksgiving service hosted by Reverend P.F Owa of the Christ Revival Miracle Church in Molete, Ibadan.

He claims that the first time he attended church was on September 20, 2018, but that he returned three weeks before the election and that the Pastor prayed with him in the auditorium.

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Mr Taiwo Adisa, the governor’s Chief Press Secretary, quoted Makinde as saying, “We knelt here and prayed, and God answered the prayers.”

“You prayed for me and prophesied that I would win the election after I worshipped here, and I did, to the glory of God.”

Even though he has not been able to return to the church two years after his victory, he claims that the man of God has never chastised him for not doing so.

“It’s been two years since I’ve come here to worship, despite the fact that it’s always been on my to-do list to return and appreciate.

“For those two years, you didn’t go on the air to say that despite prayers helping me win an election, I didn’t come back to thank the church.

“However, some people have claimed that they were the ones who contributed to the victory. Some have even claimed that I used and dumped them,” the governor continued.

He thanked the pastor and the people of the state for their unwavering support and prayers over the last two years for his administration.
“As a result, I thank you all, the Pastor, and the entire congregation. I am grateful that, despite the fact that I have not attended this church in two years, you have continued to pray for my administration.

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“Aside from Thanksgiving, I’d like to say a couple of things. Pastor Moji Alawiye, the special visitor, expressed concern about those who will build our nation during her speech. The secret is that you, as God’s children, must participate in politics and governance.

“Yes, it’s a difficult task because the political landscape is tainted. We don’t want to be associated with nonbelievers, but we can’t build a nation without dealing with them. And the Bible contains an example of this.

“Look at what Eli’s son did to the temple, but Samuel was in the same place, and God called him out to complete the task He had for him. The same thing happened to Joseph; he had dreamed and seen all of his elder brothers bow before him, but he was sold as a slave and ended up becoming Egypt’s Prime Minister as a result of his journey.

“As a result, don’t entertain any fears in your head. Nigeria will be great again if we go out there and participate in politics.”

The governor explained that the road leading to the Church was in poor condition, promising to instruct the South East Local Government Council to repair it so that users could easily access it.

“When I first came here to worship, I noticed how bad the road leading to this church was, and it is still bad. This church is under the jurisdiction of the South East Local Government, and I’ve brought the Chairman of the Local Government, Pastor Alawode, to see for himself,” he said.

When asked about the politics of 2023, the governor said that all he wants is for God’s will to be done, just as he prayed for in 2019.

“One of the pastors mentioned the first and second tenures while praying. So, in 2019, I came out to tell the people that I wanted to be governor, but I prayed to God that only His will be done.

“And now I’m not sure if it’s even God’s will for me to seek or push out for a second term. The only prayer I want you to pray for me is that God’s will be done in my life alone.

“On a final note, as children of God, let us participate in politics and governance. This nation will get what it deserves because of our participation.”

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Earlier in his sermon, Rev. Peter Folorunso Owa, the founder and president of the Christ Revival Miracle Church, praised Governor Makinde’s administration for its tremendous achievements over the last two years, adding that the governor is doing something new in Oyo State.

He stated that Nigeria requires prayers, and that no problem or challenge can be solved without them.

“We are truly proud of God’s wisdom that guides your decision-making in governance, which has brought tremendous achievement and joy to Oyo state,” he said.

“Prayers are what our country requires at this time. God will hear us if we pray and live a righteous life, and He will deliver this nation from its various problems.”

Mrs Olubamiwo Adeosun, Secretary to the State Government, Hon. Segun Ogunwuyi, Chief of Staff, Mr Akinola Ojo, Commissioner for Finance, Mr Akinola Ojo, Commissioner for Justice and Attorney-General, Prof. Oyelowo Oyewo, and a host of other government officials attended the thanksgiving ceremony.

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