War against insecurity and COAS Yahaya’s leadership style


 By Nkechi Odoma

The presence of peace isn’t truly the absence of war, but the reflection of true leadership and effective security measures existence.

Whenever I look back in history and try to select a renowned exemplary military leader, Napoléon Bonaparte is the first person who comes to my mind. His recorded feats and accomplishments are testament to how great the man was. Lt. Gen. Farouk Yahaya indeed has many similarities to the great Napoléon Bonaparte. Like the French military and political leader, Yahaya is an exceptional military strategist and a firm leader. He is also a motivator and possesses contagious charisma. I call it contagious owing to the effect it has had on the Nigerian Army .

Since his appointment, Gen. Yahaya has shown us why Nigerians should trust and support the decisions made by the current administration. He is doing everything to meet the expectations that has been set down for him. He has not only managed to follow standards set by his predecessors, but has also managed to set his own standards in the operations of the army in a joint environment with other sistee agencies.

The shape and architecture of the Nigerian Army is now taking a new look. It is currently in the process of undergoing such modernization that would be sure to finally make the Nigerian Army stand out even amongst the likes of the world powers. Nigeria is the giant of Africa, and it is only fitting that it’s military should be one of the very best in the world.

The ideas and innovations being pumped into the military by Yahaya is going a long way in ensuring the armed forces is more than capable of facing all evils of insecurity and banditry plaguing the country.

In the past, inadequate cooperation amongst security agencies has been one of the major causes of the drawbacks suffered by the Nigerian armed forces . This has had mutilating effects on not just the operations of the military but also on the collective interest of the nation especially regarding National security. Since Gen. Farouk’s appointment, there has never been as much collaboration and teamwork as there is currently between the security agencies. The war against insurgency cannot be won by a single unit but rather by a united group of units who work in one accord.

Gen. Yahaya’s pragmatic modus operandi has been the key factor in the current winning form of the Army in a joint environment . Despite the fact that his appointment is still recent, he has already seen to the military gaining an upper hand in the fight against terrorism. Many leaders who assume such important positions begin to miss it right from the start, but that isn’t the case with this man. He collected the mantle handed over to him with such ease that one would think that he was a reincarnated chief of army staff from the past.

Gen. Yahaya has so far ensured that the military carries out its activities and operations while abiding by municipal and international humanitarian principles and laws. He has so far ensured that the military protects the human rights of every individual.

It is without doubt that at this current pace, the Nigerian Army would soon go through massive revolution that would see it become a major force to contend with in the world. The Chinese did it, the Soviets did it, Nigeria can also do it. Gen. Yahaya has begun to lay down the footprint for such massive evolution. I strongly believe that very soon, insecurity will be a thing of the past. Bandits and terrorists or whatever they call themselves would no longer have a habitat where they can breed evil. They would no longer act with so much violence and impunity without their heads being cut clean by the sword of justice of the Nigerian army. Gen Yahaya is in the process of polishing and sharpening the old rusty blade of that sword.

There are very few exceptional leaders who lead from the front, and Gen Yahaya is one of them. He has chosen to lead from the trenches to make sure that the army totally wipes out terrorism and other national security distractions created for the Nigerian troops in the aftermath of the 2019 general elections. He has been visiting the troops to motivate them and ascertain what their challenges might be and what they might need to carry out their duties effectively. This action has helped motivate and raise the moral of the troops.

One is not surprised at the gains being recorded by the Nigerian Army and other sister agencies lately. One is also not surprised at the high morale of troops.
The new chief is living up to his calling. Leading from the front and trenches. Following the standard set by his predecessors and proving to be a dependable officer.

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Maj.-Gen. Farouk Yahaya, has proven to have the requisite requirements by showing a wealth of experience and commitment in working in synergy with other service chiefs to fight insecurity in the country.

It is worthy of note that those who deliberately manipulate facts for the purpose of sabotaging the military should be mindful that only a thin line separates what they see to be harmless mischief and commission of crimes.
For the sake of tranquillity in the nation, we advise detractors and their agents to leave the Chief of Army Staff alone, so that he can give maximum concentration to his works. He needs to be given the enough support to prove himself beyond all doubts as an exceptional leader, who is ever ready to give optimal discharge of his duty any time the clarion call to action is being heard. This is a man that will never compromise for terrorists to take over the country, because he holds the interest of the country very dear to his heart.

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Maj.-Gen. Farouk Yahaya is a relentless, and hardworking mission-accomplisher. He needs to sustain the tempo.I sincerely commend the good job that Gen Farouk has been doing and I urge him to sustain this tempo and lead the army to victory against all adversaries that it would be faced with. I urge him not to relent in the good fight and bring the war to a final and conclusive victory in favour of the Nigerian armed forces and Mr. President’s vow to stamp out insecurity . I also urge my fellow Nigerians to abstain from dissension and give the new chief of army staff all the support he needs to carry out the mandate we the Nigerian people handed over to him in order to make this nation a safe place for all Nigerians to live in. We must all support the new COAS as he leads the troops to final victory. God Bless Nigeria.

Odoma wrote from Abuja.

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