Re: The Rise of Pro-Government NGOs in Nigeria, by Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah


Dear Mathew T. Page,

POLITICS DIGEST– My attention has been called to one of your research work published in July by the Carnegie Empowerment for International Peace (CEIP) on the above subject matter. Having taken a detailed insight, undergone a thorough assessment and perusal of the 58-page research work , it is extremely important for me as a responsive, responsible father, husband, Quantity Surveyor and an International businessman to set the record straight beyond Mr. Mathew’s hypothesis and his fallacy of hasty conclusion.

Though this rejoinder is not to defend other notable names mentioned in the publication. It is ultimately for clarity and the need to “educate the educator” as I begin to dissect some of the allegations against my person with a dignified response and clarification.

Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah (The Tailor): This introduction without linking my past to the present is half information having the capacity of misleading about my person because I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Quantity Surveyor from the largest University in the South of Sahara and North of Limpopo, the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria-Nigeria.

I am a Qualified and practising Quantity Surveyor and former Student and Youth activist with radical stand against government anti-people policy before venturing into tailoring and Digital Printing Press (Omogye Stitches)to create jobs for our teeming Nigerian Youth.

Mr. Matthew also claimed that I defended the government for calling support for the newly formed SWAT. It is an incontrovertible fact that I indeed led a protest under the Coalition of Civil Society Organisations Group. However, my position since the Government reformed the organization that necessitated the change of name, the wanton of looting, threats to life and properties as demonstrated during the ‘End SARS’ protest, was imperative for me to call for calm support for the SWAT since reforms are to correct any certain imbalance. If calling for SWAT support is seen to be pro-government, then Mr. Mathew needs to read more about the complex emergencies as related to CSO’s.

In the second allegation, he wrote that I called for the arrest of fake activists criticising President Buhari. Although, Mr. Matthew has tried in vain to address the issues; forgetting that no nation in the world tolerates the activities of fake activists who are blackmailers and agents of fake news. We are all aware that these fake activists are all out to destroy Nigeria as a Nation and we can not fold our hands as patriotic Nigerians while things are going on a wrong direction.

Of truth, where National security is threatened, individual rights always take the backseat, my own offense is that I am defending Nigeria as such Mr Matthew tagged me as a “Fake and Pro-Government Activist”.

Therefore, I do not doubt that Mr. Mathew alluded his source of information to secondary data from my social media pages and series of tweets but failed to critically analyze my radical stand against the government in the time past. In hitherto to that, I have attached the links to my article and publication against the government in the time below which was ignored by him in his publication. and so many other articles online.

Also, the fact that my phone numbers are on my Social Media handles for anyone wishing to get in touch with me but failed to do so, The researcher only contacted other sources for information about my person amounting to “barbering my hair in my absence”.

Conclusively, I do not know the intention of the author but the freedom of Information Act has made information about the funding of CSO’s easy, however, the author failed to disclose the amount involved and payment details which is not good for research work aimed at educating the people. The whole paper, particularly the aspect which mentioned my name is misleading, parochial, jaundiced and laced with bias and hatred. This, in my opinion, is a lazy research work that can best be described by what Macbeth called a “tale told by an Idiot, full with sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

As a matter of fact, I urge the general public to disregard the half-truth publication and for being economical with the truth.

Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah
Wrote in from Abuja, Nigeria and can be reached on

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