Citizens must not allow the Afghan crisis to spill over into Nigeria – JUN


The Journalists for United Nigeria (JUN), also known as the Association of Journalists for United Nigeria, has urged Nigerians to seek peace at all costs.

The group’s convener, journalist and columnist Fredrick Nwabufo, made the call at a press conference in Abuja on Tuesday, emphasizing that JUN is strictly non-partisan and not a pressure or lobby group.

In a press conference, Nwabufo stated that the Taliban’s usurpation of power in Afghanistan and the ensuing turmoil in the country, despite decades of military support from powerful countries such as the United States of America, should serve as a warning to all citizens about the importance of defending and preserving Nigeria’s peace and security.

He insisted that neither the West nor the East hold the key to salvation, and urged Nigerians, whom he referred to as “potters,” to build Nigeria with their own hands.

‘’Recent events in the country have prompted patriots to rise up and defend the country. The enormity of the challenges that we face as a people today cannot be expressed in words,” he said.

According to Nwabufo, now is the time for Nigerians at all levels to unite and demand that the country be united in peace, togetherness, and unity.

”Peace-building must be embraced as a path to peace in our communities. We require state protection, but it is much easier to do so if we do not spread hatred and division.

‘’Nigeria belongs to us. Nigeria is a country that is worth fighting for. As a proponent of peace and national unity, the Association of Journalists for United Nigeria (JUN), also known as Journalists for United Nigeria (JUN), urges all Nigerians and key stakeholders in the country to make the pursuit of peace a sacred duty at this tumultuous juncture in our history.

While anyone has the right to agitate for secession and self-determination, JUN believes that anyone or group engaging in such agitation must avoid using violence or coercion in any form.

The group stated, “We must denounce violence in all forms by all actors,” adding that “violence should not be found among civilised human species.”


We want to stress that while self-determination is a universal right, taking up arms to kill citizens and security agents crosses the line into terrorism. In whatever they seek, all Nigerians should use constitutional means. The cost of war outweighs the cost of peace. In a war, there are no true winners; only death and destruction.

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We acknowledge that social inequality, poverty, unemployment, injustice, and corruption are some of the root causes of these protests. These are issues that affect the entire Nigerian population. Every Nigerian is pushed to the margins. And this is the result of years of leadership failure. We urge the government to look into the root causes of these protests rather than relying on force. We won’t be able to successfully treat metastasizing cancer unless the root causes are surgically addressed.


We recommend that the government pursues peace-building initiatives, engages in dialogue when appropriate, and extends an olive branch when possible.

“It shall be the duty of every citizen to help to enhance the power, prestige, and good name of Nigeria, defend Nigeria,” says Section 24b of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended). This section of the constitution* gives JUN its mandate.

‘’We require a large number of citizens who are capable of becoming Nigerians. Only journalists, in our opinion, fit into this category.

Journalists, according to JUN, must rise to the occasion and mobilize both the political class and the general public to imbibe our unity.

Several groups in various parts of the country are currently advocating for Nigeria’s disintegration and the creation of separate republics.

While the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, and other like-minded groups hold sway in the South East, the Yoruba Nation, a group advocating for the Oduduwa Republic, is gaining ground in the South West.

JUN also urged Nigerians to prioritize the country’s unity, peace, and security over all else.

The call comes just days after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, invaded Kabul, the country’s capital, and occupied the presidency.

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This occurred after the United States of America withdrew its military from the war-torn country after nearly two decades of service.

Dmitry Zhirnov, the Russian ambassador to Afghanistan, said on Tuesday that he had a positive and constructive meeting with Taliban representatives in Kabul.

“These were Taliban senior management representatives in the city. The meeting was upbeat and productive. According to Taliban representatives, the Taliban movement has the friendliest and best approach to Russia. In an interview with Russian state television channel Russia 24, Zhirnov stated, “They confirmed the embassy’s security guarantees.”

“There will be no impediments to the embassy’s operations. In comparison to the previous administration, there will be no deterioration in status. He went on to say, “All of our needs will be met.”

The ambassador made it clear that this was a purely technical meeting. According to him, the Taliban representative requested that his name not be revealed.

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