2023: AFAN boss list ways out of Nigerians quagmire


As Muslims observe a low-key Sallah celebration this year, Arc. Kabir Ibrahim, National President of the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), has blamed the country’s current quagmire on incompetence, political mediocrity, and corruption in national and state affairs.

The AFAN boss stated this on Monday while speaking on the state of the nation, warning that Nigerians must wake up to the fact that “ineptitude, corruption, and mismanagement” are to blame for the country’s current predicament and take decisive action, beginning with electing credible leaders in 2023.

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“During this year’s Ramadan, we have all experienced firsthand the pangs of hunger and thirst similar to what the majority of our poor compatriots go through on a daily basis to warrant a change of mindset on Nigeria’s governance going forward,” Ibrahim said.

He stated that a country as wealthy as Nigeria, with the majority of its citizens living in abject poverty, should be cause for concern.

“A cursory examination of the various indices of economic development supported by the availability of God-given resources in all parts of Nigeria’s heterogeneous society leaves one wondering at the low level of quality of life among the majority of our people,” Ibrahim continued.

He believes Nigeria can learn from countries such as Singapore, Japan, and Rwanda, which are less endowed with natural resources but have far better living conditions than Nigerians.

“The only obvious cause of this (situation) is our attitude toward corruption, transparency, fiscal management, and leadership discipline, as well as our focus on economic development in all of its forms,” Ibrahim said.

“Before entrusting them with leadership at any well, we must scrutinise an aspirant’s antecedent by ascertaining how he or she was able to purchase the necessary contest forms as well as expressions of interest,” he says.

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“From now on, Nigerians must not allow money or any other form of inducement to persuade them to vote for any inappropriate or incompetent candidates.” Nigerians must turn out in large numbers to vote and protect their votes in order for the people they voted for to win.”

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