In Anambra, a woman allegedly conspired with her two sons to murder her grandson over a land dispute.


Anambra State Police Command has committed to bring to justice the murderers of Anaogu Umuoji’s one-year-old infant, Uchechukwu Akana, in Anambra State’s Idemili North Local Government Area.

Late little Uchechukwu Akana was believed to have been murdered by his father’s sibling on the evening of October 6, 2021, over a land dispute at Anaogu Umuoji in Anambra State’s Idemili North Local Government Area.

Tochukwu Ikenga, the state Police Public Relations Officer, said in response to the boy’s death that men from the Ogidi Police Division had arrested the suspects and that the case would be transferred to the State CID for further investigation because one of the suspected accomplices, Tochukwu Akana, was on the run.
Narrating his ordeal, the deceased’s father, Arinze Aka­na, detailed how the extended family agreed to sell a portion of both families’ land and split the money in two because their father married two wives, but his mother, Thressa Akana, misled her two sons, Kosisochukwu and Tochuchukwu Akana, telling them that they were the true owners of the land and that if he refused to remove his hand from the land,

Arinze stated that a series of peace talks planned by Anaogu elders had little fruit since his siblings refused to attend.

“I believed it was a joke as they continued to threaten me and my family,” he added.

On that fateful day, Kosisochukwu Akana brought a land buyer who insisted that the elderly person in the family sign the documents, but “as they prepared the documents without the son of the other woman as we previously agreed, I told them that I will not sign the documents until our mother returns to enable me to ask some questions about what our father said before his death.”

“Unfortunately, my brothers, Tochukwu and Kosisochukwu Akana, clamped down on me with a matchet, a digger, and a rod, and I was hit in the back with the rod.” Touchukwu then matched me on my two legs, and Kosisochukwu whacked me with the rod, causing blood to gushe forth. They pushed their way into my room when I was seated next to it. Kosisochukwu Akana immediately smashed the rod on my son’s head, and the brain burst out, and Tochuchukwu cautioned me that this is a lesson for me. My sister then transported my kid to the hospital, where he died.

“The little boy’s corpse was lying at the compound when my mother returned from the market and en­tered our parlour, jubilant that this serves as a lesson to me, the truthful man, laughing at me.”

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“They have continued to threaten me despite the fact that my kid was murdered in cold blood.” Tochukwu brought one local doctor the next day, and they did incantation on the ground where my late son’s blood spilt, outlined it with charcoal and white chalk, and called my wife “albino.”

Mrs. Chi Arinze Aka­na, the deceased child’s mother, wept bitterly over how her brothers-in-law and mother plotted and murdered her son. “They had been calling me albino and insulting me and my husband because I am from Amiri Oru West of Imo State, and they killed my son and threatened to kill me and my husband,” she added.


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