Corruption: We Welcome Ortom’s Decision To Waive His Immunity for Prosecution-JOCO


The Honourable Emmanuel Jime/Sam Ode gubernatorial campaign organisation for Benue state has welcomed the decision by the state Governor, Mr.Samuel Ortom to purge immunity and face prosecution if allegations of massive corruption are levelled against him.

It could be recalled that a statement was issued on behalf of Benue State Governor, by his Special Assistant on ICT and Communications, Mr. Tahav Agerzua to that effect.

The statement titled: “Smear Campaign Against Me Shows APC Has Lost Steam”, declares that the Governor is ready to waive his immunity under section 308 of the 1999 Constitution to stand trial over claims that he has plundered the treasury of the State to expand his chain of private businesses.

Mr. Tordue Salem, Deputy Director of Communication, the Jime/Ode Campaign Organisation, (JOCO) therefore applaud the governor for his exemplary decision to step aside and not sit as judge in his own case.

The rest of the statement reads:

The 1999 Constitution and the criminal code, put the law above all men. It is therefore, trite and indeed proper that a governor or any other public official for that matter, would come to equity with clean hands and excuse themselves from state functions, the moment weighty allegations of corruption are levelled against them.

For us, we have chosen to run a campaign of ideas and decency and would continue to push the message for positive change in the month of March.

We will not be distracted by the diversionary tactics of a government that is bereft of ideas and driven by chicanery, tantrums and blackmail.

The Jime/Ode governorship project has practical ideas on every sector and has alot to busy itself with. Smear tactics do not feature on our political menu. The good people of Benue, know who is the Chief propagandist and the top dispenser of redherrings; the Jime/Ode governorship campaign is not prepared to compete with anyone on that score.

The Government of Ortom, has revealed that he took loans to expand his businesses. It will be left for the courts to decide how constitutional or legal that is.

The Jime/Ode campaign is only interested in the Governor backing up with action, his declared readiness to leave office and face the law.

The Governor will be setting a new record by resigning to face the law and we encourage him to do so.



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