Senate urges Buhari to declare bandits terrorists

Senate suspends plenary for late Longjan

President Muhammadu Buhari has being urged by the Senate to label bandits terrorists.

The president should launch a comprehensive battle against the bandits, including bombing all of their hideouts to demolish and exterminate them, according to the Red Chamber, which issued the request today.

Senator Ibrahim Abdullahi Gobir (Sokoto East) and eight others proposed the resolutions.

Due to the ongoing attack against bandits in Zamfara State, Gobir stated that the Sokoto East Senatorial District has now become a safe haven for them.

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He remembers marauding bandits assassinating 21 security personnel in Dama and Gangara last Saturday, as well as an unknown number of people from nearby villages.

The horrible murder, according to the legislator, demonstrated the gravity of the situation, which he believes necessitates immediate and concerted action, including the declaration of complete war on banditry.

He voiced concern that losing such a large number of skilled officers will further diminish the country’s security personnel’s numerical strength, endangering the country’s security architecture.

He also expressed regret that, as a result of the ongoing military operations along the Zamfara axis, the majority of the bandits have shifted to Sabon Birni and Isa local government areas.

While the bandits were being hunted down in Zamfara State, the legislator said that no tangible steps had been taken in Sokoto, leaving the state completely vulnerable to their operations.

According to him, the current military offensive against the bandits is poorly organized because it is being carried out solely in Zamfara State, rather than throughout all frontline states.


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