The Somali army captures an al-Shabab leader

Somali army captures an al-Shabab leader

On Sunday in Wajid town, Bakool area, Southwest Somalia, an Al-Shabab leader surrendered to the Somali National Army (SNA).

Mohamed Kulow Ali, who was in command of the terror group’s activities in the southern area, surrendered to the Somali army in Wajid town equipped with an AK47 weapon and ammo, according to Mohamed Nur, a SNA army official.

“We are currently presenting to the media in Wajid town an al-Shabab leader who was well-known in southwest State regions.

“After he established successful contact with the army regarding his surrender to the army, he was equipped with an AK47 weapon and ammo,” Nur added.

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He went on to say that any terrorist wanting to surrender in accordance with the government’s amnesty offer would be welcomed by the army.

The terror organization that has been trying to topple the internationally recognized government has not yet responded.


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