Life is roller coaster, so be nice – Obi Cubana


Obi Cubana, a billionaire businessman, has offered his ideas on life’s facts.

The prominent business mogul compared life to a rollercoaster, saying it has the power to swing in any direction at any time.

While emphasizing life’s chaotic nature, the hotel mogul urged his audience to be deliberate in their actions when life swings and smiles at them.

When one is successful, according to Obi Cubana, one should try to be kind to family members, friends, and associates, including old school and childhood buddies, keeping in mind that life might turn around at any time.

“Life is like a roller coaster; it can swing in any direction,” he wrote.

I mean, in any case!

“What matters is what you did when you were at your best. What are you doing when you’re at your best?

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“Did/do you make yourself available to your family, friends, and associates, particularly old schoolmates and childhood buddies?”

“Be kind to your brother, be kind to your brother!” It may swing either way for anyone, bro! My two cents…..”


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